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Couture Mane Concepts

Luxury professional hair care that is customizable. Tell us your hair woes and if the solution is not already in our collection of products we can adjust the formula to your needs. 




1.      the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes hair care to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

For limp or thin  and lifeless hair we recommentd, "Full of Secrets" which adds volume and revitilizes hair from root to tip.

We also recommend using "Exercise Some Control" set this spray to High and spray while holding your head down, for an ultimate boost!

For healthy fuller hair, we recommend this powerful combo which includes the"Let's Start Over" hair masque 

If your hair is shedding uncontrollably we recommend "Not Just for Mermaids" SEE testimonials from our clients reporting "thicker hair and less hair fall" 

If you have course thinning hair you should follow your conditioner with a serving of special sauce!

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