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Medication causing hair loss?

While touring the U.S. to promote my product I ran into too many women that felt helpless about losing their hair. Some loss due to Alopecia, others due to medications such as those for Thyroid or Blood Pressure. I enjoyed educating women on my products and demonstrating hair care solutions. To back up some of my points I like to use this Blog to reference peer-reviewed scientific facts and statistics for my customers review.

The essential oil aids in hair growth as well as treats sleeplessness, stress and anxiety. It can also help stop hair loss.The lavender flower has a sweet, soft scent and is where the essential oil is extracted from. Lavender oil is regenerative and found in hair formulas for all types of hair and scalp conditions.

A study by a group of dermatologists in Scotland showed that 44 percent of alopecia patients who were tested experienced new hair growth when they massaged their scalp daily with lavender and other essential oils for seven months.

You kind find the essential oils and lavender you need in our top selling product. "Not Just For Mermaids"

Stop hair loss mermaid shampoo

by DORIE KHAN Last Updated: Aug 16, 2013

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