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Couture Mane Concepts

Luxury professional hair care that is customizable. Tell us your hair woes and if the solution is not already in our collection of products we can adjust the formula to your needs. 




1.      the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes hair care to a client's specific requirements and measurements.

If your hair is frizzy due to climate or if you have split ends that need calming until your next visit to the salon we recommend "Get it Straight" to smooth your hair. It also provides a beautiful lightweight gloss!

For curly hair that tends to frizz, we recommend the "Curl on Curl Action Gel" which not only offers volume and definition but tames frizz and gives a soft beautiful shine!

For frizz to styling and climate, we recommend that you tame it with a soft hold. "Exercise some control can be used in combination with Get it straight for ultimate control and shine that lasts all day!

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