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The CosmiXX


The Innovative Countertop CosMixx combines, Science, Technology & Beauty

Ideal for Cosmetologist, Trichologist & Dermatologist


The CosMixx is a machine that is paired with a hand-held hair analysis tool. Information travels across Bluetooth or Wifi to start the machines process (no need to be in the same room). Data collected from the hair and scalp analysis is captured, then a custom formula is created from a proprietary software database of oils and herbal ingredients. The operator may then add or subtract ingredients with a push of a button on their smartphone, computer or directly on the CosMixx machine.


*Patent pending in the US and China  Docket No. 17-09-827



  • No excess inventory locking up $$ or taking up space in your salon

  • No more waiting on bulk orders to arrive

  • Know exactly what is in the product you sell

  • Rapid mix technology produces shampoos & conditioners within an hour

  • Easy customization of formulas

  • Eliminate the guesswork of which product for which customer

  • Increase clientele and retail sales













NOTE: This project is in prototype stage all parts and software are functional, photo above is CAD rendering. The CosMixx is scheduled to be available end of first quarter 2018. If you would like to see this innovation on shelves please support us by making a purchase or donating.


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